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25 Million Americans Plan To Invest In Crypto And Ripple XRP

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  1. Note, at least three XRP Community members are reporting get your money off of Binance by September. That's NOT TRUE! BINANCE has the actual statement on their site regarding US customers. US customers can leave their crypto on the Exchange, just cannot trade.

  2. Hello my name Digital Asset Investor. I just took a dump and wiped my butt. I used Angel Soft toilet paper and it was soft. Oh, this is a Crypto video, uh, uh.

  3. XRP looks more like a pump and dump exit scam designed by and for the elite every day. They pump the price with their good news show, brought to you by payed youtubers who hide their faces like bearable guy and digital asset investor because they now they will be held accountable in the end, just to dump a billion xrp a few days later. They are taking your money away bit by bit to leave you with bags of shit that's XRP. Must be a great fealing for them, friends of the Bilderberg group, cocaine dealing Clintons and banksters knowing you are giving your money away in exchange for a coin created out of thin air and even taking loans out to buy some more of that garbage so they can earn even interests on your losses or take your house. Did you realy think that those people were going to let you get rich or become fortunate or that the people at Ripple were altruists? Do you people know that David used to work for DARPA, a company that is out to kill you in the most sophisticated way. Do you really think that guy has a moral compass?

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