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BREAKING Bitso XRP Liquidity Index Soars to New All Time High of 3M XRP

Today we have some fantastic news for XRP holders. According to the On Demand Liquidity enabled exchange known as Bitso, their liquidity index for XRP hit an all time high!

In the grand scheme of things its not that much volume, but whats important here is to consider the fact that this is an exchange being used to serve on demand liquidity for institutions using XRP and that the percentage rate at which the liquidity index grows is very signifcant.

Its like a snowball rolling down a hill now, XRP liquidity growing exponentially to serve ODL customers. It will own get bigger.

(xRapid was renamed to On Demand Liquidity (ODL)

If you want to see the latest ODL transactions going on right now including Bitso you can see this 24/7 non-stop stream I created that shows all of the latest ODL transactions! Lately they have all been batches of about 40,000 XRP. They happen every 15 minutes or so.