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ODL-Enabled Exchange Bitso, Gets a 10% Increase in XRP Liquidity.

Today in the XRP ecosystem we are seeing a significant movement in liquidity at one of the ODL-enabled exchanges known as Bitso. They are based in Mexico and are providing liquidity for XRP/MXN.

On October 9th 2019 the Bitso Liquidity index had officially hit an all time high and is above 10% compared to the previous high. We know that we are in Q4, which is when MoneyGram is expected to go forward with large-scale ODL transactions, which will be using XRP. We also know for a fact that MoneyGram is live in the USD/MXN corridor so they will definitely be sourcing liquidity from Bitso.

Liquidity is clearly building, more market makers are coming in, lets see if we continue to make new all time highs on the liquidity index.