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The XRP Ledger Is Now More Decentralized Than Ever.

Today we have some fascinating information for the XRP community regarding the decentralization of The XRP Ledger. Today it is now more decentralized than ever with Ripple only running 20% of the top UNL validator nodes, compared to a few months ago this figure was at 27%.

To understand how crucial this is, you must know the different levels of validators on the XRP ledger, so let me go ahead and break it down for you in the simplest way possible.

(3)Low Level XRP Validators- These validators are un-verified and the least trusted on the XRPL

(2)Medium Level XRP Validators- These validators are verified meaning they have been linked to a domain name which verifies your identity, therefore this validator is trusted more than the low level one.

(1)High Level XRP Validators- Known as the Unique Node List (UNL), these are the absolute most trusted validators on the network that have very good computing power and with very long up-time and are incredibly reliable.

So now Ripple only runs 1/5 of the UNL nodes. Meaning that Ripple can’t single handedly come in and make changes to the XRP ledger, they would need approval from the other non-ripple UNL validators.

This is a great step forward in the right direction, The XRP Ledger is having less and less dependence on Ripple which is allowing the network to become more and more decentralized, and will continue to do so.

Interested in running an XRP validator yourself? Check this video out!