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Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Tim Pool did an interesting episode on the Silver Squeeze. As I understand it Wall Street Bets in NOT promoting this Silver Squeeze but CNN is saying that they are.

  2. Retailers and consumers will not use common security or accept security for payment but only common currency for payment in international trade and commerce. Thus Ripple and XRP team has foresight to create xrp to be common currency as intended for level playing ground for international trade and commerce. Big institutions holding large xrp cannot see its value when customers or retailers refuse to use xrp as security but xrp will have huge growth in free market as common currency for international trade and commerce from mass participation of retailers as consumers and customers. US will agree with UK, Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, UAE and the rest of the world that xrp is common currency for level playing ground for international trade and commerce to benefits Ripple, US and everyone in the global world. Xrp can be common currency for level playing field for international trade and commerce because xrp is green/eco friendly, efficient, cost effective, secure and have proven track record through sufficient testing to gain public confidence. Xrp has huge growth potentials as a common currency and not security for level playing ground for international trade and commerce to draw large capitalization including cash, gold, commodities, stocks , estate, products, equipment etc. at estimated above 10 trillions in long term from participation of big institutions like banks, etc. and retailers as consumers for the growth of free market. . Xrp can peg at first target price usd 5.00 in order to meet the demand of total capitalization for circulation by xrp in the market since the number of tokens is limited and to provide sufficient capitalization to stabilize the price of xrp from speculation by retailers. To achieve the target price of usd 5.00, Ripple and XRP team can encourage big institutions like banks, etc to purchase xrp from the market and not from the escrow .The big institutions like banks, etc. will determine and stabilize the price of xrp due to their huge capitalization. The price of xrp will increase at step incremental based on the demand of capitalization from the scale and number of participation by big institutions and rate of release of xrp from escrow. Retailers will not be able to speculate the price of xrp due to small capitalization in buying and selling in participation of international trade and commerce but are consumers that can help free market growth.

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