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Daily XRP News
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  1. There is no speculation as to why the SEC, and the U.S., as a whole want to stifle innovation. Actually, the innovation isn't their focus. It is solely because they need to find a way to keep this entire asset class out of the hands of the "undesirables." You and I. This is a country of the haves and the have nots. They cannot allow mass quantities of the population to aquire this kind of wealth, and bridge the wealth gap between the lower/middle classes, and the so-called elite. They want this asset class to be accessible only to Wall Street, and banking institutions, but F them to hell!!! They will have to pry my assets from my cold, dead hands, as they are securely locked away, off of exchanges.

  2. You fvckers don't remember that insider on 4chan like 7 months before Jay Clayton announced the Ripple lawsuit?

    He said something like, "There's going to be an XRP-ONLY crash coming. We're going to drop price so far and hold it there for so long that weak hands sell. And then We're going to pump it back up to around ATH so that the ppl who bought at the top in 2017 will think it's a miracle that they can break even or potentially get a small profit. Once those idiots sell, we flip the switch."

    See…diamond hands isn't just for when price drops. It's for when price pumps and you are too weak. You want a couple thousand dollars so bad that you sell before you are a millionaire or billionaire.

    You can do it. You can endure. If you've made it this far, you're more than halfway there. Keep going. You'll be glad you did

  3. Guys, this lawsuit and 100% of ever "delay" and ruling has been planned for YEARS in advance. None of it is spontaneous.

    Dollar cost average. Take a nap. Let it play out. If it takes a long time, then you can accumulate more. If it happens faster than expected, then you're rich.

    Either way, you win

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