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🔴POTUS Exonerated – Warning Issued To Deep State – GITMO Green Light 2019

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Great job!! 2 frickin years of wasted taxpayer money and PURE STUPIDITY!! Those crazy jerks sound like my ex husband..wish I could get exonerated…lol let's NOT forget the bazillion illegals crossin over here..

  2. Everything's happened as we predicted it the left is all of a sudden calling for transparency something they never did when it come to the crimes of Obama Clinton and the rest of the deep State and now they're even accusing Mueller which is something that was predicted I predicted it in my videos I made a few weeks ago and that they would completely turn on Mueller claiming that he was helping Trump all along and we can see that happening now

  3. I know some Americans do refuse to open their eyes I even heard them say that trump was the Antichrist…the haters are unbelievable…no matter how u try to talk to them u get trolled .so I say let them find out for themselves..the evil that's going on is bad enough to swallow without being trolled 247… thank you bear…get some rest!!!

  4. I hope they are under house arrest because if not I’m afraid they will get to another country and run everything from there. A county that will not send them back. By the way I’m glad you are doing this for home and not out there with the craziness.

  5. We knew our president was innocent. It's sad MSM is so stupid to start such nonsense. Anyone in their right mind would know Russia has no interest in meddling in our elections. Putin is a tough guy who really doesn't care. MSM has demonized Russia for no reason. Why don't they point their fingers at the true criminals and leave the Patriots alone. Great job as always Joshie Bear

  6. Pain for "them". FREEDOM for us !!! Thank you Joshie Patriot. Love your vids. Love your heart/passion. Stay good🌞. This is so exciting 💛💚💙 !!!

  7. Spot on Joshie Bear. I too am feeling frustrated by a circle of uninformed friends…they cannot nor will not consider anything different then the same old rhetoric from 3 years+. Part of me yearns for action because the immature side so wants to say, "see? What the hell have I been talking about all this time people?!" another side of me wants desperately to help these friends and family understand what is going on and prepare in addition to rejoice we the people are gaining ground and taking our country back. This military MoMma is filled with hope and yes, need to work on patience!! Oohrah ❤🇺🇸❤ Joshie Bear, you "get me" 😎 and I stand with you, patriot.

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