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🔴POTUS Vows To DECLAS – House Reps Demand Schiff Resignation

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Daily XRP News
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  1. We are starting to see many things happening but remember the scope of this corruption is overwhelming! Patience Patriots. Time is on our side now. Keep on with the good work Joshie Bear!

  2. THANKS AGAIN, Joshie Bear–!!!!!

  3. Adam Schiff is the most corrosive person in the Democratic Party with his boyfriend Eric Swalwell. The reason their accelerating their frenzy is the "tin foil hat and the black helocopters " aren't operating, because Adam the "liar Schiff has been put on notice about his secret meeting with Glen Simpson of GPS AT Aspen, Colorado. "What a coincidence", Congressman Kevin Mc Carthy has demanded Adam Schiff to step down from his Chairmanship of the Intelligence Commitee, which is an oxymoron, never link intelligence with with Adam Schiff or his suppository Eric Swalwell, with their false conspiracy theories. Schiff tried to take down Congressman Nunez (R) on the intelligence Committee after he revealed Schiffs shady dealings( Trumps name for him)and for a bit Nunez stepped down, had him watched by some of Muellers thugs, then as things calmed abit Nunez jumped back into the fight, since the shoe is now on the other foot Schiff is frantically trying to hide devious behavior tha coul get him a criminal referral if he has been found conspiring with those trying to take trump down. Schiff is known liar like Michael Cohen and has concocted a lot of shit he tries to pass off as facts about Pres. Trump colluding with the Russians. Frankly if you gave Schiff and Swalwell an enema you could bury them in shoe box. With the Mueller thing going down the toilet of history there is no need for Schiff or Swalwell, all their Intel has blown away like chaff. With President Trump freed from collusion and obstruction of justice he has them riled, it is like he has taken a garden house and sprayed it into the hornets nest, and there in frenzy, not know what to do. Are you tired of winning? Trump won again! This is the implosion of the Democratic Party before your eyes, guard your back, they are still are enemies. I always revert to the examples in history. When the Japanese got their ass handed to them in Iwo Jima and Okinawa the were frantic, next stop the homeland of Japan and the destruction of Japan itself(war over), well they developed a new destructive weapon: the Kamakaze. Don't think the Democrats are going to go out easily, they are the types that will resort to some type of "scorched earth strategy". "If we can't win" then nobody wins". They have proven that they would rather Trump fail then to work with him to Make America Great Again! Evil is never creative, it continues to do the same thing and expects different results: insanity. Check it out Hitler had the same philosophy. "If Germany can't win then let her be totally destroyed" and it damn near was, the cause selfishness and pride, by leaders lusting for power. Socialistic and Fascism share this in common. And it at the heart of the Democratic Party,to destroy what they can't win, so we need to guard and be on guard their pissed that they didn't take Pres, Trump down and will resort to drastic measures to destroy our Nation. Remember THEY ARE ALL TRAITORS! Look at their minions Nadler, Feinstein, Sciff, Swalwell, Hirona, Harris, Saunders, Warren, Jackson, Blumenthal, Cummings and many more.Open your eyes and you will see them, the replacement for John Mc Cain, Mitt Romney all devious types lusting for power, our prayers and loyalty are for our transparent President.

  4. We are all green lighted and all is a go! Thank you DT for exhibiting restraint over the last two years. Now it’s game time!

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