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πŸ”΄Q#3079: Senate Blocks POTUS – DOJ Collusion w/ HRC – Corruption Exposed!

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Daily XRP News
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  1. All part of the Plan…Deepstate infiltrators being forced out of the dark and into the light….we have their names…justice is coming.
    Here comes their Pain.

  2. Really????? The ad before your video is about impeaching the President!!!!! I don’t think you know but that is what comes up first!!!! If I didn’t already know your word I would have told you to F off!,,,

  3. Email the 12 senators and tell them shame on them for putting our children at risk to be kidnapped,abused and murdered. I emailed all of them and told them just that. I told them that even though I was not from their state that we are in this together. When America falls we all fall.

  4. Traitorous Senate Repubs vote against Natl Emerg—-POTUS vetoes—Goes to Supreme Court—Where is Ruthie Ginsburg? πŸ€”

  5. Schumann resonances and cosmic rays and magnetic influences all affect judgement. Not to give them an excuse, but just observing the degradation of process of rational thought through out the world. Idiocracy is not an accident. The founders could never have produced the constitution under the current universal consequences.

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