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🔵Why XRP Will Make You Rich! But Ultimately Fail! WARNING: JUST OPINION!

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. i like your videos but you dont know anything about xrp lol. Ripple is going after the SWIFT network which is the international payment transfer. money transfers with xrp would cost pennies and can be sent around the world in seconds this would be a monumental upgrade of the current international financial system. old ways of sending money will become obsolete and technology like xrp will eventually take over and that is a huge market to take over (trillion $$ market). to handle SWIFTs current $5 trillion daily volume with the 45 billion xrp in circulation the price would be $111 and thats not even accounting for all of the xrp that is burned daily or xrp that is being held by hodlers which would make smaller amount of xrp worth even more. for all we know minus the xrp that is being held and already burned there really may only be 10 billion xrp available to which case if that 10 billion in xrp was given the task of moving $5 trillion dollars xrp would easily be valued over $500. You dont understand why Ripple was created and its goal… hypothetically if xrp tokenized the entire value of all asset classes one xrp would be valued over $11k it definitely wont happen but that is just the scale of liquidity it was designed to handle. its a one of kind solution to money transfer that probably has more usage than any other crypto. you might think banks wont ever accept it but eventually countries will compete for technological advances in money exchange and adopt crypto some of the biggest economies in the world including china are already working on their own crypto. as far as comparing it to jpm coin… jpm coin never had the vision of overtaking SWIFT their project is alot smaller.

  2. This was a great conversation. Kudos to Altcoin Daily! I find it hard to believe that the brilliant creaters at Ripple worked their asses off to fail. Just my opinion after hearing them talk.

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