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🚨Breaking💥XRP & STABLECOIN XUS issued on 🚀 Ledger is Bank Solution by XAGO Exchange & Payment Co

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Putting fiat on the ledger and xrp acting as a stablecoin……..Did you not criticise Stellar for this 🤔 and would that mean xrp cannot appreciate?

  2. Greetings Do you know where we can buy XRP in the US? My bags are loaded since 2018 but a friend wants to buy some. Please let me know. Thank you

  3. FTX is a meme creation the USA has used beyond time and memorial….Young genius creates company that comes on the scene in a whirlwind.When did you ever hear of FTX…not 2 years ago….it is a debt enslaver who comes in like a vulture and takes assets for pennies on the dollar…guarantee you the evil elites are controlling this meme…like Bill Gates really outsmarted IBM,or Sergei Brin and the other freak created this monster google or the ginger who couldn't talk or fight his way out of a paper bag….
    I own xrp,xlm,btc…but for 1 second do I believe Adam's apple Lagarde, IMF/ECB man girl,or the tragically thick Augustus Carstens of the BIS or the Crown and Vatican and the naughty Dragons.. WEF,WHO scum care about humanity…WAKE UP people..
    They will be outed as it is found they are SRA'ers,with information released on their disgusting habits…Yes good on you Miss Eri that you read your comments!Every responsible business owner should be aware of their business.

  4. Ginger was Zuckerberg…a Rockefeller btw..Facebook created same day the Military communication system was turned off..fact..

  5. Eri, I have two sources good That state There will be less then 30 coins that will exist after the Great Awakening. Top 12 coins will all be Precious Metals Backed. Question for all Our fiat has been on decline since we went off of the Gold Standard. So why do we think this digital will be different, it wont. There is a company that a friend bought stock in, It's a company that teaches the US Army (special detachment)…About How To Track digital Assets, Hhmm It is all up to you..
    Silver God Bless

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