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Daily XRP News
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  1. Yes, crypto — i.e. XRP — is showing its true utility now. But, as a point of information, it is NOT Russia who is doing something bad. Russia is correcting of a wrong done by those who perpetrated a forced Color Revolution on Ukraine in 2013 — when the Cabal Powers forced out Ukraine's elected president and put in their own PUPPET REGIME — similar to America's current Puppet President (installed by the same forces). From the perspective of humanity, Russia's invasion and planned decapitation of Ukraine's Fake Government is a GOOD thing. However, if China now invades and conquers Taiwan — that would be a defeat for the Forces of Good, since Taiwan is NOT a slave state (and China is).

  2. @AlexCobb

    Globalists require war with Russia.
    Western nations are about to sabotage their electrical grids and internet and blame it on Russia.
    The internet is about to go dark.
    They need an enemy: Russia
    So they can save the day.
    Wake up.
    This is not Russia attacking.
    It's the globalists behind the great reset.

  3. Russia isn't 'invading' because they want land. Russia is entering strategic points in Ukraine to dampen the Ukrainian governments ability to continue waging aggression against the two independent and ethnically Russian republics on its eastern border that they've been bombing for the past 8 years.

  4. I think this pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple streams of income. unfortunately having a job desn't mean security rather having different investment in the real deal,,…..;

  5. It's not about land…. it's about us building up a military wall all up against Russia. We didn't like it when they did it in Cuba… they don't like us doing it in Ukraine. Simple as that

  6. this is where ya find out that crypto has literally funded the terrorist groups as they took profit and liquidity while we supposedly bought an investment LOL

  7. "sanctions" "sanctions" "sanctions" "sanctions" The Actor playing Biden said this over and over. "sanctions" meaning cutting Russia off of SWIFT! This is PLANNED, ALL planned and now Putin is going to ODL, watch it happen! No, it IS happening…NOW!

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