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🚨Killswitch Engaged! Blackout On All Major Social Media Networks Yesterday

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  1. I hear planet x news talk about sun activity and they where shutting down the satellites so they wouldnt get fried !!! Satellites i believe also have an emergency shut down on board for situations like CME's … im no pro. Just passin on what i heard !!! But wish all there stocks would crash !!! Others will take there place 😉😎

  2. “There’s a fly on the windshield, donate below”. Wtf. Lmmfao. Went from really great material to now I watch to see wat funny shit will pop out your mouth. Subs are going down an you don’t know why? Look at your vids from the beginning of the year an then watch these last 5 or so vids. Where the hell did josh bear go?

  3. Google was trying to clean info, NSA intercepted the data, black hats are panicked, PATRIOTS HAVE IT ALL Q🐸🇺🇸🍿

  4. another great one! dig those shades! yep. i dont dont social media. but have seen comments on a lot of youtube videos. something big is comin! bought more precious metals today! lead, brass, copper coated! be prepared! be aware! & be safe everyone!

  5. Hi Josh 😀
    Getting hammered with flooding all around Mississippi & Illinois here.
    Calhoun County water over topped levee several places.
    People cut off from food and gas.
    They need internet being ones not in the water are isolated.
    Grafton here

  6. Africans and invaders from 70 other countries with massive diseases and Ebola crossed Texas and AZ borders in last week.Thats news!

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