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🚨SEC Tries To REVOKE XRP HoldersπŸ’₯Ripple Chairman Chris Larsen, Jay Clayton Speaks, XRPL Grants

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. I'm sorry but that guy is uneducated and not very switched on.
    BTC maximalist.
    The point is there are better system that are faster, cheaper and use less power.
    BTC is the Ford model T and with digital technology moving so fast we already have a Tesla XRP.

  2. So tired of this energy narrative. It takes more energy to dry your clothes in a dryer world wide than to mine bitcoin. There is another option to clothes dryers, but there is no outrage to ban them. People are so gullible.

  3. Can any Bitcoin maxi explain to me how wasting electricity produces value? Proof of work is stupid unless the WORK is actually being directed to some useful purpose. Proof of stake is toxic as well as we have seen how some organizations voted to liquidate other people's coins in a liquidity crisis. It makes sense to produce a fixed amount of coin that has actual utility and is deflationary in nature. That will give society a hundred years or so to think of the next financial system.

  4. Liz truss is responsible for the advancement in trade finance which is governed by English law and will use XDC in the UK and world ,, She will be the new Prime minister of the UK, and the UK is going to be flying for crypto its all change to be the top player. make sure you have a bag of XDC

  5. …also investigate the SEC’s enforcement section the ditector during his presence in the congress is INCOMOETENT he does not know to answer every or most questions asked buy a number of congressmen…

  6. The high energy consumption was bring up because there is more energy efficient out there ( ie XRP) and most important is it WORKS!

    Imagine driving a electric car which can accelerate 100km/hr more or less same like gasoline car & you no to pay or minimal cost to your fuel cost…

    But to say, all products got pros and cons… there is no perfection in this world . So let the bitcoin have it path and other coin have it own path… hurting each other just won't work, it only make crypto space become fragile & weak.

    And also, there is no wrong nor right putting pros and cons … so we can improve and evolve. πŸ™‚

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