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🚨XRP Ripple SEC💥Beginning of the End, David Schwartz Strategy Driving XRP Demand, XDC ISO Bridge

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Oct 2021 was a press release ripple won sec with drew the lawsuit the press release was printed in two periodicals the release was with drawn hrs later hhmmm ive seen the two releases look authentic we are being played this is just a delay tactic

  2. 8:56 Wow, this guy is totally describing Hugo Philion's Flare Network and is playing it off as "noble" so we can experience the "real web 3" haha
    No thanks, I'l stay here stranded on my island and hang tight for Flare to connect everything.
    Would have liked to have seen a bit more humility from him, considering he's approaching the XRP community like we're some inferior life form. This dude is Flare's Jack Mallers lol

  3. WTF is really going on because this case was won by Ripple in "2015"!!! Many of us have already seen the case!
    Why are we all being ignored?! Why is nobody talking about this?!!! Do I have to start my own YT channel to expose this or is someone going to step up!!!?
    It's out there and nobody is talking about it! I'm not trying to be an ass but my God why are we acting as if no case has been settled? Please explain this?

  4. Hello Eli. I hope you could answer a question for me. Please be 100% correct, if you don’t know then please say so. I bought several quant tokens on kucoin. And transfer them into my cold wallet, but in my cold wallet it says qnt ( erc20) are my quant tokens still the exact token? Or did they change somehow? Should I worry or is everything good? Thanks ! Ron

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