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11/20/2018: Is Today the Day We Go to the Moon?

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Lots of speculation out there today. Lots of predictions all centered on November 20, 2018. We will know by the end of the day whether or not those predictions were accurate. I am willing to put my stake in the ground on a particular position. Listen to the end of the video to find out what that is. I wish you well. Good luck. I hope we launch.

Daily XRP News


  1. I think there are more things being done in the figurative golf course than people assume. Either this is a coincidence or a well timed plan to crash the market. It revolves around technical analysis and timing. The descending triangle pattern of bitcoin and the expiration dates of future contracts seem to be matching. When big players can buy OTC, can short the market with money settled and then can dump the bitcoin on public exchanges, they win in all fronts. Rinse and repeat until the descending triable pattern is complete and make sure all positive cases get rejected by selling more at the right time to ensure no real breakout to the upside is happening. Then you introduce a crazy man that wants a split of a fork of bitcoin cash at the best possible time the market could potentially go up or down. A fork creates uncertainty in the market and together with some insane tweets from the man, the market dumps right before the fork. These insiders of course now short the market right before they dump massive amounts of bitcoin on the public exchanges and watch it all burn for a while as professionals know what comes after a descending triangle and a prolonged bear market, they can buy very cheap. ICO are full of scams however when big money do these type of things, they are considered conspiracy theories as these guys know how to cover their track for most of the time. I do not think it is a major conspiracy but just people being greedy and doing what they do to make money, the same as these ICO scams do it… only they are better at it. We all know these things happen in real life but now that we are in the midst of it, you wish it wasn’t happening. Massive losses for average Joe and stressful times ahead. Life is all about experiences and this being1 of these insane experiences you can tell your grandchildren about how you lost money in a bear market. The positive view is that you can take these experiences and do better investment in your future endeavors. Next bull run. I take profits and when the bubble bursts at the top, I will short the market like hell 🙂

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