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Ripple Input for the Bank of England Report

As Facebook Inc., Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd. and big technology firms march deeper into the financial system, the world’s top central bankers say new restrictions may be needed to ensure they compete fairly with traditional lenders.

The Bank for International Settlements, known as the bank for central bankers, said in a report on Sunday that regulators should take a more comprehensive approach and extend their focus to how tech companies can exploit customer data in anti-competitive ways.


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Daily XRP News
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  1. Xrp is one of those coins that will be manipulated forever. And for those with a lot of hopium will be very disappointed

  2. Clem. Min. Tine is the way we use to say name of those little orange 🍊 fruit taste a lot like a tangerine I do think that’s the fruit you were speaking of thanks good info in your video as always

  3. yay for Sendfriend. I lived in the PI for 14mths in the 70s. Cal-a-mansi. very small Lime but loved it squeezed over Papaya (a sweet Paw Paw fruit. ty

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