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Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News


  1. XRP will never be listed on Coinbase. That’ll never happen. XRP’s bank partners and their billions in daily remittance has ZERO benefit to the retail XRP buyer. In fact, it costs the retail XRP buyer money. How? Because the retail XRP buyers are the ones financing these banking transactions.

    How does Ripple get these banking partners? How does Ripple guarantee the price of a massive bank transaction? By selling the bank XRP for a discount relative to what you the retail buyer pay. That means the cost gets passed on to the retail buyers. It means the retail XRP buyers are paying for the bank transactions. It’s a very elegant and simple scam.

    Ripple wants to sign up the world’s banks, pass the cost on to the retail buyer and then IPO the company and profit off the institutional investor. It’s a long con they have going on but the SEC will see right through and change their security vs. utility designation which will force them to pay the $250k fine and sell off all of their XRP. Not gonna happen.

    USDC is proving to be a far better solution for utility. It’s pegged 1:1 to the USD. It has world class accounting and transparency. It has all the regulatory oversight. It moves no more than 1% regardless of volume. It’s now integrated into most major exchanges (including Coinbase). It is going to be integrated into every major bank and remittence company. It is the ultimate holding solution between trades. It’s an excellent micropayment solution. It’s the bridge that XRP, Bitcoin Cash and Binance Coin thought they could be but failed to achieve. XRP has ZERO utility to the retail buyer.

    Do NOT ever trust a “company” crypto. Do not ever trust “partnerships”. Trust: design, proofs and transparency.

    I’m interested in next-gen crypto projects such as Cardano’s ADA as I believe they have assembled the world’s best team, taken the most time and are designing a future-proof project that Ethereum should have been.

    I believe 2019 will be the year of Bitcoin, Cardano, Litecoin and USDC’s bridge buildout.

    EOS, XRP and Ethereum will go to their graves in 2019.

    XRP is nothing but a middle man scam. Do not touch it. It has ZERO utility to anyone but banks buying bundles of XRP for a discount.

    Buy Bitcoin, Cardano or Litecoin.

  2. You ever been on the phone with coinbase support? I was last summer. They put me on hold but forgot to mute…Sounded like a complete shitshow: Guys cussing, listening to ganster rap, talking shit… lol

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