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Ripple’s global head of banking says the company’s network of banks and financial institutions, called RippleNet, is growing at a rapid rate. In a new interview with Bobsguide, Marjan Delatinne talks about the impact of blockchain technology in the world of finance and says 14 new banks and financial institutions have signed up for RippleNet in the past few weeks alone.

Japanese financial services giant SBI Group has announced that its CEO Yoshitaka Kitao has been appointed as the strategic investment senior advisor of “Blockchain Big Data Industry Investment Specialty Committee” of the China Investment Association.

Elixxir Podcast with David Chaum

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Daily XRP News
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  1. It doesn't matter how many banks want to use ripple technology, fact remains XRP price is going down regardless of the good news. And let's not mention we are getting delisted from several exchanges. XRP has proven to be the shittiest coin among the top 10.
    I invested in this shit coin, but now i am asking myself, are the Rothschild dumb enough to let someone take a share of their pie?

  2. Mr. Kitao helped squelch the R3 and Ripple disagreement and invested in both. This man see's the long game of this expansion. I don't think a lot of people see how big this is. The dot com was mainly contained to individuals that were in the stock market and/ or computer knowledgeable (E-Trade) . That's how I got involved in stocks. I was a computer geek. This is reaching anyone with a cell phone. Computers in the dot com were big and expensive, well over a $1,000. You can get a cell phone for peanuts now and connect to stocks, banking, crypto exchanges and other financial services. This will literally change the financial system globally. More financial freedom is on the way, the end of waiting for checks to clear means… I get my money now and I control it. Lucky to see two major global technological movements happen in my life time, and be apart of it.

  3. Hi Eri, Another great video as always. You are my number One YouTuber and I always open YouTube everyday looking for your newest video. Thank for for telling the truth about crypto, good or bad you always state facts.

  4. Great stuff Eri. The only computer I have is a Dell laptop I bought in 2008 and its still using windows Vista. Talk about old school but I like it.

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