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$175 XRP What It Means To Me

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Thanks for sharing Oz! I am at the age where I have worked all my life, the gratitude and appreciation for whats to come is real. It will allow me financial freedom – to purchase my remaining time back (the most precious asset), work for myself on the projects I want to do that have meaning for me. It will allow my family and I to give back to those who are need, philanthropy has to be a major part of my post moon lifestyle. Meaningful work is a must in our lives, but working for someone else (to increase their bottom lines and agendas) until you die, is not that.

  2. I am extremely lucky that I invested in crypto at the right time. After working for an entire year, home-based, I realized a lot of things, mainly: This rat race is a lot of BS. I don't wanna be a part of it, partly because of my introversion and partly due to a bit of laziness.

    Investing in crypto may be risky, but I believe in what the future holds for digital assets, especially XRP. Essentially, it will make us financially free. Sick and tired of following routines, being bossed at and gossiped at, dealing with people with hidden agendas and fake personalities, having to follow the herd like sheep. Baah baah no way in hell I'm destined for that shit.

    Working hard is so overrated nowadays. Gone are the days when getting your ass up and running at the rat race 12 hours a day is glorified. Working smart is way better, and once I got my gains, I'll create more ways to increase my passive income flow — in a way that works best for me.

    Oops sorry if I wrote a novel lol

  3. $7will enable me to pay off my mortgage( 15 years to go), pay off my car($15k left), pay for my daughters education in a foreign uni. $175, I'll be an old man by then, stop dreaming.

  4. Have similar attitude. I have large family and some need financial help. My plan is to get them out of debt and gift them X amount of XRP so they can watch it grow and share in the excitement. I also have three charities I am involved in and I have major plans to transform those charities. I expect my XRP stash to improve hundreds of lives and families.

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