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2 Institutions Just Went Live On Ripple. Is XRP Involved?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Sure seems like they're lining everyone up on RippleNet and just waiting on regulations to throw the switch. Good let the pressure build, quietly, behind the scenes. That way once law-makers pass some regulation legislation, it'll be like an explosion.

  2. Once there is a choice in the world of national digital cash , they will all be fast and therefore look for the peak in adoption and cash out half your XRP bag. .75 cent XRP DEC.31 2019 and I'm liking it. We won't see a swift downfall for years. The elite are stubborn. XRP is not the sole DC used in ripple programs therefore as soon as technology of DC joins XRP the world will have a choice and the world will be a hater of anAmerican like Garlinghouse. XRP will always have to be used as a discount feature. Ripple labs is incredible but the hatred of Americans is also. The everyday commerce of the world will support anything but a Garlinghouse . the 4 seconds of exchange where countries realize savings using xRapid will not make XRP a 100$. Try 10$. With hyper inflation of shitty USD debt $13 . That's pretty awesome but $1000 dollar XRP and a 100 trillion market cap is so ridiculous. The world won't be wanting to support an American CEO forever. We are hated once the dust settles. Sell half the bag at 20X A one world currency is a real concept but it won't be governed by Garlinghouse and making him 100billion overnight. That's like picking the 49ers to win the Super Bowl last year.

  3. I think Satoshi was a white American and knew he'd do best staying anonymous. The world hates America. The best move for XRP would be if the founders gave up their huge tranches of XRP for a reasonable LARGE salary based on what the company actually makes in revenue. But that is too late to happen as Jer at Stellar won't be helping their scene. Clever Jer. Now the whole XRP price is hijacked to stay held by founders with immense amounts. If I was a Stellar teamer I'd shoot for that being the difference. No shadow of huge token holders of founders and what a rise contributes to. The world will digest that way easier. People aren't going to go for the GIANT profits of few once the initial technology competition dust settles and a whole new competition begins. Grass roots of everyday commerce will be spread out. Different nation of people will support who they like when the choice is there. Anonymous Satoshi so clever as well.Don't forget public sentiment. Screw America is just a natural progression to come.

  4. We pronounce it as "Si-am" easier ways would be "si-yum" which means land/ground. And "Krungsi" which was the old capital Krungsi Ayutthaya. In term, krungsri means "capital bank"

  5. Soon choosing between xrapid /xrp or conventional banking or even xcurrent will be like choosing to use AOL dial up or high speed’s a no brainer

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