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  1. Afraid we will need lots of patience. Good news is that's all we need , within the next 2 years it will be a multi dollar asset, maybe sooner.. maybe a little longer but to just sit back and think of what will happen is pretty exciting. Just not necessarily on a day to day basis lol

  2. If you are wondering how to take some profit without creating a tax event or if you don't want to lose xrp then open an account on NEXO and deposit some to use as collateral against a loan you can take out. It's worth trying using a small portion of your xrp in the event of it greatly increasing in value.

  3. Thanks for the time and effort that you have given us this year Sam and a happy new year to you. You come across so genuine and honest 🙂

  4. The testnet that is currently hidden, but will sync in sometime, possible every moment, is making so much sense to me:
    – Yoshitaka Kitao: "XRP is already 10$, I just have to flip the switch"
    – Bearableguy123: "What I see here in front of my computer screen, would make most people cry tears of joy"
    – Ripple Riddler: With the galaxy coming visible and in one riddle the two low hanging fruits under the moon in the november riddle, probably represents the two networks
    – Kichiro: With the two suns colliding, because only one can exist in the end, which will make the real value of XRP visible

  5. People that go out of their way to complain about the riddles and the people that look at them are just as bad as the people they claim to be so immature. If you think something is stupid, cool. It in no way benefits you to come to a video and whine about it to people that don’t give a shit what you think.

  6. Happy New Year Sam, you woke me up about 130 am, knackered now to go to work, but it was worth it, great to see that you are not paying these people that have a pop at you about RR and BGs any heed, all youve done is try to help people and instill a bit of direction reguarding some riddles put up for all to see, they may have their timings out but i do not believe that they were anything but hope and fun for us and will come to pass in the future.

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