30 Banks Connected To xRapid. Ripple Engaging With 50 Governments.

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This video is made by Alex Cobb.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Yes many investors did dump bc ppl like Cobb and Digital Asset Investor fail to realize that you can only suck ppl in for sooo long and eventually they wise up and what's worse….. you burned many of those bridges, soured those ppl, and they dont want to come back. Shocker

  2. Instead of doing that, stop improperly influencing ppl to think it's going to moon every other day. THEN talk up the company & XRP coin in the RIGHT manner. Telling ppl that it's most likely a 3-5yr investment & not to expect it to move too much up or down for a while UNTIL Bitcoin pulls it up by its boot straps. THEN you can tell people to bee patient and hodl ina responsible manner so than ca also find more short and mid term coins. THAT way you dont blow up the bridge with these potential investors in the future…. make sense bud? Pass tha one to the DAI bc he has the same problem as u

  3. It doesn't matter what Ripple does or who it partners with, who is using it. Don't care if it's the whole freaking world. The more that comes out about how great everything is with XRP the more it loses value. I don't care what the explanations are anymore, heard them all. Something is just not right with XRP. Holding what I have but definitely not buying anymore. So much money to make on other coins NOW, not in 5-10 years with still the chance of being 30 freaking cents. XRP was doing better under pure speculation of what was to come. Well it's here, it's being used, it's being adopted, it's all just so awesome. And it does nothing but lose value. No other investment on the planet works like that.

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