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50 Banks Now Leveraging XRP On R3 Corda Settler.

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Been following you sense November 2017. I think those of us that have been following the space at least last long can now officially say we are seasoned. Another year in the red would be great for me. The space will continue to improve regardless of price. Only a matter of time before price catches up to value. XRP baby!

  2. Alex. I love your videos. I think you are very smart yang men. Check it out Krowns crypto cave. You can purchase his cours and learn how to read charts. He is the best there is. It will greatly benefit your Chennai Cheers

  3. when it's above $5 then we can modestly use the word bull run. few cents up or down is no bull run kids. Who cares about the general crypto bull run anyway when your coin got a real utility. I wanna see a super bear for btc and a utility kicks in bull run for XRP. That's what decouples X to btc and that's what matters.

  4. This coin will be irrelevant within 2-3 years…once oracles become reliable big banks will pivot to adopt platforms that utilize decentralized API data feeds to execute smart contract settlements in real time. Willing to wager that many XRP followers/investors don't even know what an oracle is. I am sorry but this coin just isn't the future, much better middleware technology out there being developed that can accomplish the same thing just in a more decentralized and cost efficient approach.

  5. Damn u guys need to chill… All bull runs have a beginning and this could be the beginning of the next run. Be patient. Rome wasn't built over night.

  6. Come on Alex, you're better than this. There's no that evidence any of the 50 banks signed up to Instimatch have any intention of settling in XRP. Just because a platform has a feature it doesn't mean it's going to be used. Think about it. It's a money market. Someone wants to borrow 1M Euro and someone offers to loan them that. Why would they use Corda settler and XRP in its current form with no gateways into exchanges to buy and then sell the XRP for the agreed sum?

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