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6 & 9 digit checks written to drive XRP, XRPL & Ripple Ethan Beard says MoneyGram is going great

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  1. When Christine made that comment there was no CBDC testing at that moment. CBDC are digital fiat..they are not a breaking tech! No way on earth did she insinuated CBDC.

  2. There's nothing new with the bitcoin price manipulation….dumping and liquidating millions of dollars in the process. If you want to be safe just trade and don't hodl. The bottom line in bitcoin has always been volatility. So perhaps rather than clutching to the idea of just hodling and waiting for the price to go up every time, why not start trading with a reliable strategy from a good crypto expert ??? I have been following the same approach by trading with Patrick Martino’s strategy and I've watched my portfolio increase exponentially since July. he's definitely one of the best crypto experts you can rely on and his signals are mostly 99% accurate, efficient and easy to execute in your daily trades. For those who need a better understanding of trading btc profitably, you can reach him directly on Telegram (@PatrickMartino) cheers.

  3. I'd like to point something out. We see these pics of Brad in a posed photo op with varying money elites. Get this point please: They don't just do those kinds of photo ops just because you dropped by. They do THOSE kinds of photo ops when they sign something BIG. I've seen brad sitting in photo ops with the world's most elite, those photo ops are NOT JUST for everyone, and for just any meeting…..something was signed.

  4. How dare you malign the holy Everis NTT data screenshot. It is the sacred depiction of the future upon which our community bases its entire investment strategy!

  5. Once Microsft is involved then watch out – They will do everything they can to take a dominant positoin in any partnership – Massive self serving entity.

  6. ahahaha fools. xrp is scam it will not go beyond 1$. even if is adopted by banks and institution. xrp is not for the middle class. it is only for big businesses and institutions. Fools.

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