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7 Confidential Ripple Related Quotes in Research Report, SOLD, Asheesh Birla on ODL XRP,

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. I don't know if they would answer honestly, but I would be curious to know what they think the top three threats are to XRP's price not increasing drastically. As in a scenario where Ripple as a company is very successful but XRP never really gets to a price point that a lot of the speculative market thinks it will. Also, since they hold a large bag of XRP, could they alter their ripple software to further incentivize the use of XRP, such as bigger discounts to banks. Thanks!

  2. Very soon the Telegram's GRAM coin will start its floatation! The price will grow up by 5-10 times at once! I advise to buy coins in a good time in ICO gramnet. info

  3. SWELL or Tokyo Meetup Question:
    Why does Ripple not buy 51% of MoneyGram? Then Ripple will control the MGI Board and be able to dictate remittance corridors and control the pace of XRP adoption. The multi-year testing phase of banks, SWIFT, and Western Union is a Ripple roadblock. Build a worldwide, KYC/AML compliant, deep liquidity (55 billion XRP deep), MoneyGram juggernaut. Why is Ripple content to facilitate remittances…when they could dominate worldwide remittances??

  4. So far 22 escrows have ended, 1 billion each. The total amount of XRP in escrow has been reduced by 5 billion XRP so far. That is an average of 227.3 million per month. At this rate, it will take 220 months (18 years and 4 months) for the last escrow to finish. In February 2038 (8 months ago the expected finish was April 2039 at a rate of 214.3 per month).

  5. Hi all. Thanks Eri. The research paper sounds very interesting. I'll have to give it a read. To bad some of it is redacted but still a great find. Enjoy the ride.

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