7 Major Dutch Banks Potentially Using XRP!! XRP Now More Decentralized Than Ever! Recession Incoming

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Daily XRP News
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  1. All the positive news about XRP, their partnerships, momentum, and global potential, and the shit just dumps! WTF? Any news about XRP is a complete waste of time to watch, and totally worthless> I'm unsubing from all XRP Channels! The news just don't matter!

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  3. Love loading my bags. One day we’ll be so glad the price didn’t skyrocket when we “wanted it to.” 😆 Never thought I’d have this much XRP. Just grateful for the super-dips.

  4. XRP headed to zero. Will be illegal by 2020. Unsubscribe from this d-bags channel. He does not deserve 30 thousand on year from your worthless subscriptions. Make him work at McDonalds for his failures and lies.

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