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7 Millionaire Secrets And Ripple / XRP On The American Express Website

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Man oh man you are waay too up Ripple's arse my man. You are not going to make XRP moon any faster with this fanboy stuff. You're just not.

  2. It would be better to work with others in the XRP community to break down all the XRP in escrow and the realistic amount left after the first 5yrs of releases THEN figure out what will realistically be left for the 2nd round of releases the 2nd 5yrs.

    Taking into account halving events. Competition from consortium banks. Libra coin. Visa 's efforts etc… that's what you should do BECAUSE anyone who watches you for any length of time and sees the price not move….KNOWS your FoS.

    Eventually YES love XRP. Right now…NO it's not going to moon to $50 No matter what you sling on this channel.

    In fact, I would argue that you are hurting the community. Y suggesting moons any day now on EVERY SINGLE VIDEO.

    I hold XRP & I love it but you are sooo distorted in your reporting it's doing a disservice to the community.

    Done watching your BS after 3 months

  3. save to invest….. I just got my pension today and the money I put in is more than I will get out this year! banks are scamming with this negative interest shit! cannot believe I am getting a negative return on my pension!

  4. XRP makes sense. I was trying to fund my account at Celsius Network (earn interest on crypto and stablecoins). Was looking for the cheapest way to get usdt into it so bought 88 xrp (approx. $50au) on my Australian exchange (btcmarkets) and sent it to Kucoin. Got to Kucoin, where I traded it for usdt. I got 34 and a bit usdt. I then went to send the tether to Celsius but the fee was 5 usdt ($5 u.s. are you serious?), so i stopped the process. Traded back to xrp, sent the xrp back to my australian exchange.
    The total amount that landed back at btcmarkets was 87.246767 xrp. The whole journey cost 42c au. Not to mention instant network speed lol.

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