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  1. Trump surrounds himself with the smartest Jewish people and have only Americas interest in mind. The dual citizenship is a formality I am sure it's only symbolic of Zionism.

  2. Are you not too bright? They will create more fooo. This is what they do. The Banker coin supply will grow infinitely until it is worthless. You have 5 years. And puff….be gone. Community will win. Decentralized vs Centralized will battle and Governments will have theirs and will peg World Trade with them as well as domestic applications. But realize that community will play a large part. Look πŸ‘€ beyond Currency and look at Protocols, purpose, and other importance implemented into "old systems" because they are more efficient and trustworthy. I haven't bought any XRP & I never will. I take MimbleWimble for the BENCHMARK thus far created privacy protocol with the scarcity just under Bitcoin πŸ€” LiteCoin implementation of MW Privacy Protocol in Q3 🀞 Will BTC follow? BEAM & GRIN with an independent reemerging BitGrin with many others now adopting this revolutionary privacy protocol. That is just one strong example. Because there are a lot of great Altcoins out there that I stick my middle finger up at Centralized Banker Coin. Fine use the Ledger tech. Great. Hey right. Anyways, I want to Be My Own Bank 🀝BYOB Third party out the window. Like the undocumented immigrants entering the States. The Future is Brighter. 5 years. Just thru the transition and next gen takes over. Poof XRP importance as a currency is minuscule. Ripple will be a greater purpose in the back office. I would take physical Silver over XRP any day.

  3. awesome vid buddy.. Investors have been mentally conditioned to expect more downside, have become fed up with the asset, and have lost hope for a recovery but the truth is the market is only shaking out weak hands and after the halving, bitcoin is sure to soar to the moon, with $25,000 or more very likely this year and its some good opportunity to accumulate with the wave and the best way, even better than DCA is trading which I never considered much until I met and started trading by copying signals from Floyd Edward whose service is structured to cater to both beginner and more experienced traders alike and within my first few weeks copying his trades, I had made profit of over 6 btc. Experts like him can make a very big difference in the crypto sphere and he can be reached on WhatsApp (+447380347335) or Telegram (floyd_signal27) for professional advise and assistance

  4. Well… Cheers to the good times… Like Robert kiyosaki says… Prepare for bad times and you will only know good timesπŸΊπŸΎπŸ’―πŸ˜ŽπŸ’²

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