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9 Experts : What To Expect From Crypto And Ripple XRP in 2019?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News


  1. What about the sleeping giant THETA? Also XDCE. ACC spiked up 300% today, but only on coinexchange, the only other 2 exchanges are etherdelta and idex but on those exchanges volume is low so the old price (pre-300% price level) is still there to buy it cheaply.

  2. I like your videos , but to say AAPL is a ponzi and that it popped is simply inaccurate, the dollar amount says nothing , just look at the percentage (I believe it was 10% decline). And quite the opposite is happening for the media response, they are screaming AAPL is crashing, they are not burying it under a rug as you said. I'm having a problem with youtubers, XRP Army and what have you , that are too biased and too quick to criticize anything outside of XRP or crypto. And XRP is a majority of my crypto holdings. Just try to have a balanced view on things. OZ Crypto does a great job giving a fair view but still support XRP.

  3. Hey love u brother great stuff as always been in on the xrp train for about 2 years. I am still all in on xrp but still there is a side to me that’s cautiously optimistic. Same story with us great super news but not a freakin up tick really but I’ll try keep the faith what else am I going do not going to sell I’m going down with ship! Don’t forget people diversity Ada bitcoin just fact because of amount available holochain eos omg just my thoughts

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