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A Glimpse into the XRP DLT Future of Our Decentralized Society

Daily XRP News

I put my visionary thinking cap on to take a look at what Coil is going to do to the publishing industry. We’ll also look at two individuals who are decentralizing police and firearms production, and consider the broader implications when combined with future technology.

The audio is over driven slightly. I had H/W problems and had to rewire everything, but will get this fixed next video.

Daily XRP News


  1. Sorry about the sound everyone. I had multiple hardware problems and spend almost a full day troubleshooting and rewiring everything. It's a little over driven, but I will fix for the next video.

  2. I am glad I hit your channel. Coil is absolutely amazing and Stefan Thomas is the right guy to lead the web monetization paradigm shift! This will boost XRP into oblivion, next to cross border payments trough Xrapid. Lot's of addiotional use cases to be explored. XRP is going to be absolutely massive in the unforeseeable future!

  3. No matter whether BGs prediction comes true or not, your curiosity, wisdom and outlook shared through your videos are worth of paying attention to. Thanks 🙂

  4. LOL ''I'm a visionary, I see the world different than 99%'of people, like Steve Jobs'' – that's why you're shilling the normiest of all normie coins, GTFO boomer.

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