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A Lack of Accountability is Why People are Protesting

This video is made by To The Lifeboats.

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  1. Speaking as a supervising law enforcement officer, the structure of departments needs to change. Administration is the center of the problem. They administer bullshit investigations in order to engineer a predictable outcome. Usually to protect stupid, corrupt and unethical officers of all ranks. If you are the type of person who is uncomfortable with seeing bad officers given a 6 figure income and a pension with full medical this may not be the best line of work for you. This applies to all government work generally. 25 years and I am still astonished and disappointed in the administrative operation of law enforcement. NYS Inspector General Office is a joke. You go to them and you are assured that any complaint will be squashed to protect the Governor and their reputation.

  2. I had a family member worked at a law office in a city and what they told me was don't ever get caught up in the legal system in this city you will never get out. It's a dungeon with so many doors that you will never get out and if you do get out it follows you for the rest of your life. You would have to move to another country.

  3. Another point to bring up a lot of these police officers are either former military or reject transfers from other police depts and get on these SWAT teams and they become license to kill thugs. The Blackrock of Law enforcement, super aggressive tactics and if you live in the ghetto you are just target practice for them. No matter what city I have been in it's the same shit different smell. They are all the same. Now that they have APC's they are like Pitbulls with no accountability.

  4. Sam dropped the ball in a big way making reference to that abhorrent
    video about the character of George Floyd. I used to really enjoy Sam's
    content, but this is the "all lives matter" type shit that only white
    people unable to REALLY see white supremacy would promote. This is not
    only irresponsible, but actually quite fucking disgusting. Shame on you
    Sam. I hope you can tap into reality.

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