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Accurate XRP Price Discovery And Ripple CEO On CNN International

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Boom the price is like 0.25 what about that , but some day magic will happen and we will all be rich, listening to some of the comments it makes me be like whasaaaat

  2. CryptoBitlord… If you're going to relay information, don't filter it… This is the problem with our news outlets already. Subscribe to digital asset investor if you don't know how to use Twitter and want him to read XRP tweets to you at bedtime.

  3. Watch the Chatterly Garlinhouse vid carefully and see how much Garlinghouse increases his blinking during the '' How many of your 200 customers are ACTUALLY using XRP'' question comes up!!!!! This is indicative of desperately trying to dress up the answer to be as impressive as possible when you know it is actually VERY FAR from impressive. Some would call this deceit or even lying!

  4. Something I noticed when a person is constantly blinking not all but some people when their being questioned its because their not telling the truth about something or nerves. That's been Brad Garlinghouse from the first ever interview I seen of his & he never seems to give a straight on why xrp as of right now is a bust but yet ripple the company is making money. That why their more than likely is dumping xrp into the market or the companies that they sold xrp too is dumping xrp into the market or both which price will stay low or you hear about a burn off. Or we have a bunch in escrow if I as a company or person was given all my xrp that I never paid for in the first place I'll put some up so if the price rise even though their not doing anything to make the price rise. I'll dump some in the market to make money off of it. Then after the price rise if ever you sitting on something that's worth more then what it was before you put it in escrow as well as making money off from all the buyers of xrp. So you in a win win situation either way cause you not losing any money if you never made or paid for xrp in the first place if it was all given to you for free literally. Anyway it is what is which sounds like a scam to me remember xrp isn't new its been around for almost as long as bitcoin, bitcoin is older not by much. Xrp peaked at $3 which isn't good it hasn't went up since & remember Garlinghouse & probably other in ripple own a lot of bitcoin. I just don't feel he is being truthful cause the price of xrp is saying something different than what he is claiming & saying.

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