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Alex Cobb Clips: Exchanges Banding Together and Calling XRP a Security? BTC Whales Are Scared

Daily XRP News

This video is made by Alex Cobb.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Great they are Banding Together – So we who have been waiting for our assets to develop can file Class Action Lawsuits for Monopoly Behavior and Conspiracy and the Discovery will show how CoinmarketCap and other benefited in 2017.

  2. All i can think of is the big short .. a group of guys invested in xrp look at each other and say "lets short it" so they attack the only way they can

  3. Next coming to a theater near you from the makers of The Big Short, strap into your seats and get ready to watch, "Bitcoin and the Currency Wars." May the xrp force be with you.

  4. I feel the price of XRP is being suppressed. I don't think the institutions/banks want to see XRP move up before they're all ready and accumulated all the XRP they want; This is why I believe Coinbase hasn't listed it yet. Coinbase know if they list XRP, the price WILL sky-rocket to the upside. Coinbase's customers (the ones they atually care about) are the banks/institutions, and they will want to keep them happy… BUT I believe XRP will be listed NEXT WEEK, hence why I've brought my last batch of XRP. All this being said, XRP is the coin of the future and would gain as much prominence and value as when bitcoin started over a decade ago. The time is right to accumulate by buying a really big bag of not less than 170,000 XRP and holding it or buying a lesser amount and trading to grow it which is what I did but with help using Rupica puri trading strategies. I bought just 40,000 XRP and with his accurate trade signals and other adjoined assistance, I grew my portfolio to over 200% in less than 2 weeks with his patterns. Rupica can be reached by Email (trade.rupicapuri@ gmail com) Telegram – Rupicapurii and other top traders should emulate in assisting others in the cryptocurrency space.

  5. Hi all. When XRP takes off it will fundamentally change the crypto market from retail to utility based. This will be the beginning of the end for most cryptos. The exchanges make a lot of money from listing cryptos and retail trading on there platforms. It will not happen overnight but they realize they will lose a lot of there income stream so they are taking every step possible to avoid the inevitable. . Enjoy the ride.

  6. we need to lobby conbase and likes of krakHEAD to disclose their BTC portfolio as a bias for their agenda!! COWBOYS!

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