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Alex Cobb Clips: SIBOS Ripple XRP Breadcrumbs! “Were Not Talking About Bitcoin Here”

Daily XRP News

This video is made by Alex Cobb.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Hey Alex like your Videos good content stay in XRP and by the way I would recommend you to buy Ve Chain to.

    And folks about XRP:
    Never ever Forget that old money does not want you to win! they don`t want us to win! They would rather us remain a cog in their perpatrial wheel of trading our time for Dollar or Fiat money.

    they don`t want us to play in the same playing field that they playing. Where we allow our money to work for us.

    Guys this our time and chance to win!!! The Digital Asset Space is our chance to win !!!

    We are in the Mitts of greatest transfer of wealth in the History of men. Are you participating? or are standing on the sidelines?

    Here is what I do know: The Battle for us has already been fought and the Victory is ours. Let`s go and get it. XRP and Ve Chain Baby!!!!

  2. LOOK LET ME TELL YOU ALL THE TRUTH! Nothing is going to move until all main pocketed exchanges are established FIRST. When everything is said and done no one person "basically" will be able to afford to open an exchange "that is the end goal" but still no government control however they will keep tabs, kinda like a zoo. (any government employee knows they like paperwork, even if they do not understand it. lol anyhoo) . SO it is just like a casino and the grounds need to hold cold cash in hand to back the poker chip on the grounds. Right now a rich Joe schmoes can afford 100000 bitcoins. Anyone could potentially open exchange morally good or bad. So the change is slow not to shock the weak because of the unknown will make such a big difference in this world. Nothing will jump now or in the near future it would turn a exchange into having power to "over throw the baby sitter or make into a type of monopoly business give or take those lines. This Is a very bleak explanation but I hope this helps. Please any holes in my theory go ahead and poke. lol … I am here to learn!

  3. that sensor your changing i hope its the coolant temp sensor for the ecm not the gauge . thats probably your hot starting problem … not reading right ..adds to much fuel

  4. Please accept that there will be no mention of XRP being utilized by SWIFT via Corda.

    SWIFT would rather set itself on fire than accept the inevitable.

    However, no big shakes.

    Yes R3 is promising, yet it has a plethora of internal “issues” it needs to resolve. “All dressed up and nowhere to go.” You know?

    Or one can say, “drive for show, putt for dough!”

    Right now, R3 is stuck in a sand trap.

    Surprised by any of this?

    You shouldn’t be.

    Worried about XRP?

    Again, you shouldn’t be!

    SWIFT is akin to the 2:00am “Jack in the Box” drive-thru menu (in a bad neighborhood) trying to compete with a filet mignon!

    In short, RIPPLE is golden and XRP is bulletproof!

    In fact, let’s just say that XRP already has its very own exclusive “Autobahn” ready and waiting for it to pull up and show what it’s truly capable of achieving. In reality, the ribbon cutting is not that far off.

    Relax… Nothing to worry about good people.

  5. For all the peeps who are invested in XRP and the ones that haven't, If your whinging about the price of XRP for fuck sake sell, you obviously have no idea what is happening behind closed doors, you have no idea what is being built to replace the current corrupt one sided system. You all sound like little bitches, stop embarrassing yourselves. Yes citizen four, i'm talking to dickheads like you, stop playing with yourself and move out of your mummies basement you clown.

  6. Banks will have no choice to use XRP. XRP is not only a fast and cheap payment. It was also designed to pay off the global debt and a liquidity solution.
    A 10k xrp, the global debt will be paid off.
    Banks have no choice : use XRP or die…

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