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Alex from Nuggets News Address My Issues with Bitcoin and Etherium

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Here is some interesting info & pictures on one of the UK based EtherDelta hackers. Anyone ( like me ) who lost funds in the Dec 2017 hack meet the kid who has your money According to a leaked indictment, reported by, two suspects have been charged for breaching cryptocurrency exchange EtherDelta.

    It involved changing the site's DNS settings, and redirecting traffic to a clone where they logged user credentials and then stole customer funds.

    Gunton and Anthony Tlker Nashtaka, of New York, went from buying an EtherDelta's employee phone number off the black market to stealing funds from thousands of EtherDelta users in just a week, the indictment alleges.

    The court documents reveal that one customer lost $800,000 in the hack, which was widely publicised at the time

  2. I don't care about BTC and other proof of work projects. Because? BTC is an environmental disaster.

    The power used is totally out of synch with planetary survival for life. This scientifically established fact shows that the 1.5C° limit, had we adopted the guidelines years ago, now looks like 3 to 4C° rise – accompanied by all the peripheral nastiness that is increasingly evident.

    The mining energy consumption of BTC, showing in real time by a study by Cambridge University, is ominous and increasingly exponential (

    Using easily sourced figures, BTC uses as much power as the TOP 40 countries on an annual basis – that leaves an incredible 160 or so countries that use LESS. That is a disgusting indulgence.

    People like me are pissed off! BTC will increasingly catch the ire of the growing (rapidly) 'save the planet for life' community. I'm one of them.

    I've been a BTC supporter since 2013, but I sold my BTC some time ago and don't give a s*** how high it goes in price. This is another problem that XRP solves.

    Want to be rich on a dead planet?

    Time to spoil up the brain box guys and girls!

  3. @tothelifeboats Serious question, how can any crypto be used as ANYTHING if no one knows who controls the tulip trust? Isn't that an unsolvable variable that can't be controlled or predicted?

  4. There's no way that a little project called coin mine of playstation sized machines in random homes could ever challenge warehouses of top of the line Asic mining rigs in China. Bitcoin is doomed… but I bought the dip 😭😭

  5. BTC reminds me of SWIFT. As you mentioned Sam, first mover advantage/brand recognition. I think the highest and best use of BTC is being a crypto ambassador to new people getting into crypto because that's usually the first crypto they hear about that draws them into this space (and this is a great thing by itself).
    But like SWIFT, constanting trying to put that Ferrari body on a Model T chassis (yes, Brad G.), BTC is always going to be behind from a tech standpoint and that's okay. Tech evolves.

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