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All in on XRP early retirement. BUll Run on Coinbase. Bearableguy123 is Back. TRUMP 13772 even play

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. World of Warcraft auction house too ebay auction house !!!! Bitcoin too xrp that’s me andrew m b writing ryhmes going back in time cough silver bullion .then headed back too the future xrp !!! Bid smacking booty smacking stacking out the dirty three y’all know me it’s just me andrew m b rapping and ryhming too that tune … put that beat back on dude I lost my rhythm too the rhyme

  2. Beats from the street I’m on my feet 🦶 that’s me your og slanging xrp … y’all know me as the xrp gangster setting up crews!!! Out the Lou !!!!! That’s just how we do

  3. Found a better tune for my xrp goons writing an xrp rap forgive me if I mention trap music 🎶 in my rap music money is the root of all evil 👿 forgive homie me if I sound like the devil I’m on a whole new sin level xrp and my physical precious metals !!! Yup were bought with xrp homie !!! Like an assassination of that bid !!!!!!!i killed it and kept killing it !!!!!!over and over again money is my thrill do I need too show you all again !!! Xrp factory 🏭 pumping out zerps like zergs

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