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All The Cartoon BS In The Xrp Crypto Space Needs To STOP!

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Disclaimer: This is NOT financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. This video is for entertainment purposes only. Make your own financial decisions!

I love the Xrp Community. I want success and happiness for all my friends. Like and subscribe and share your comments people!

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Daily XRP News


  1. Nice real talk. They are just making us all in circus. It is so obvious that XRP is taking advantage of us now. They think that we are still that dumb to treat the dip now as an advantage again to buy more XRP but the truth is they are just getting more richer again. To make it so real they will pump again the price from .30 to .50 so people will go crazy again to think that maybe this is the start of the mooning so many people will buy again then the XRP will dip again to .40 or .30. WTF, BS! XRP now is a wise thief in diguised.

  2. Agreed. It was fun but cartoon hour is over. I thought Using the cloak of anonimity was supposed to be helping average Joe beat the banks for once. Not for the purpose of obtaining clicks and Subs. The river of Snake Oil runs wild apparently. Excuse my naivety but I thought we were above Jamie Demon's tactics. XRP community start playing chess be patient. We will know when something real happens. Bank on that! Stay Oaky My Friends!!!

  3. let's watch the DOW freefall. If BTC dumps today, then we know what's up. "Crypto" goes beyond money. an economy is a reflection of its population, and there's a game of chicken taking place at an intersection.

  4. You tell 'em JoshieB! I feel the same way. It's obvious that anyone that asks directly over and over for tips etc is a flippin panhandler! I guess some people have no pride whatsoever! Keep up the good videos! 😊

  5. First I do not have a Youtube channel, but I watch a lot of them and I also read a lot of articles. You should calm the fuck down. I understand what you are saying and agree with a lot of it…..but all media, TV, print, Youtube, Facebook etc. is full of shit but some of it is really valuable, not just about Cryptos, but everything. We as adults must take it upon ourselves to decide what we want to believe and disseminate the good from the bad. It has always been so. Where you video falls down is that you do not have the guts to name names and by doing this you show that you may not have conviction in your argument.

  6. My thoughts exactly! Lets chill and just hodl! Xrp is going places but it will take time…50 dollars overnight, come on…childish behavior! Riddlers and BSguy123decoder, go play elsewhere!

  7. XRP community is turning into the biggest bunch of sourpusses i have ever seen….as in the introduction to this video and all of the others, "this is for entertainment purposes only". If you are not entertained…turn the channel..goodness – if you weren't looking for hype you would not have viewed it in the first place…sorry…rant over

  8. Great video speaking the truth. I unsubscribed from CKJ, KungFu Nerd, and To the Life Boats (Sam I Am). Sam I Am was the biggest culprit of BS price prediction content with his fake "insiders".

  9. I feel you. I have unsubscribed to CKJ and SamIam and rest of them. The riddles, price prediction and "inside information" is getting out of hand.

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