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Amazon Rose 30,000% After Being Declared Dead At $6 Ripple XRP Will Rise.

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News


  1. I have to sell a 1000$ worth of xrp to survive. I've been holding out with Hope's on price increase but its getting worse. I start my new job next week. It will take 2 weeks for my first check. I have saved up 13756xrp .. I'm trying to only sell what I have to.. just sucks.

  2. About BTC in not BS there are 3 factor why BTC will go to 0! 1st BTC is not scalable – 2nd if used the reansaction increase exponentially 3rd there is no use case for it except creating scam coins from its forks!!!! this is why BTC will never go up again… not talking about other assets…., But I would include LTC with it……

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