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Amazon & Uber + Ripple API payment network, Binance & Bitfinex Show real volume, XRP on Travala

Daily XRP News

Dilip Rao – Ripple’s Global Head of Infrastructure and Innovation presentation showing Ripple’s API working across any nets work including AMAZON and UBER.

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Daily XRP News


  1. Hi Eri. Truth revealing as usual of manipulations of the fact. Fluff very interesting as i havent been to japan but have to bali on many occasions and see the strong influence the remnants of the 5 yr occupation during ww2 with the fu dogs and devils at temples architecture and the gamalan theatre. As well as the japanese fascination of balinese culture today.Thankyou

  2. Fabulous, somewhere relatively close to where Alex Cobb resides. When XRP reaches a sufficient price point, I hope to see you in Lichtenstein, along with DAI, etc.

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  4. Turkish Bank AKBank ia about to start  their first transactions using XRAPID . They will be moving around few millions   domestically and  cross the borders to Thailand .  Hope we will see some price movement as a result of that

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