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Andrew McCabe & Rosenstein Commit Treason – Bernie Sanders Runs In 2020 ?

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Daily XRP News
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  1. 60 minutes gave Andy a platform to promote more propaganda. It made me sick to watch that bullshit. Why didn't Scott Pelly ask him about the damn insurance policy they put in place. Damn traiters!

  2. They are just trying to avoid Gitmo, because just like you said, and as I know myself, they don’t really have the mentality to be President. But the pain is just around the corner for most, if not all, of these jokers

  3. He is a butt hole and started a bunch of nothing and may die for it. Have a nasal cold so I'm like can't sleep for long. Thanks for the report. Have a blessed night brother. Shalom

  4. I haven’t seen much news lately concerning Rosinstein and McCabe. Assuming the both of them colluded together and with others to commit treason against a newly elected President , should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But I doubt anything will be done. He’s just got too much on his plate. I admire President Trump and all the good he’s doing. But with all the damage the past presidents and many others have done to this country, not including Reagan, I doubt anything will come of it. It’s like nobody in the government gives a rats ass about bringing these traitors to justice. I’m so sick of it. I feel so bad for President Trump who’s busting his butt to straighten out this mess. It’s literally a no win situation. In the end, I do hope for this horrible mess to be cleaned up and those criminals that colluded in their devious attempts to destroy our beloved President Trump, will face justice and suffer the consequences. God save America and God bless President Trump!

  5. Trump spent his entire career out maneuvering political hacks that required permits in β€œtheir” cities so that he could build infrastructure to improve tax base. I am sure all the attaches are frustrating but he can handle it.

  6. Yes they thank Will save them from Gitmo but it not I hope they start rounding them up soon be for anymore stupid Laws I thank I seen something about it on x22 or maybe red pill78 one them anyway

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