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Are We Seeing Gov’ts Preparing For Putin’s Gold-Backed Ruble & What It Could Mean For Ripple & XRP

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Hi mate,love your content. BUT lately I'm struggling to stay to the end. Reason is electronic noise in the background is driving me mad. Sounds like a printer running constant.

  2. Nice video!! Very engaging from the beginning to the END., I'm new to crypto trade and I have been making huge losses but recently see a lot of people earning from it. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong

  3. Precious Metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium), and Real Estate are the tangible assets to be holding in these hyperinflation times! High quality Cryptos with a use case (XRP, XLM, ALGO, HBAR, DOT, LINK, ADA, etc) are also a good hedge for investors!! Keep enough cash and fiat on hand and in the bank as needed, but keep your investments in tangible assets!! I don't like stocks at this time (mostly very overvalued). As a rule of thumb, when you can divide the value of the DOW by the price of gold (currently 35200/1920 = 18.3) and the ratio is 12 or higher, it is time to own gold and other tangible assets. If the ratio is less than 12, then it's time to own stocks again. Also, the normal ratio of the value of gold divided by silver is about 15. Today gold value divided by silver value is approximately 1920/25 = 76.8 which means that silver is highly under valued. When silver is no longer manipulated, it will increase more than will gold in ROI.

  4. Crypto currency and NFTs will outsmart the banking system in the nearest future serving as a global fiat. Already making over 85% profit from my current investment

  5. if Russia backs their money with gold, it will destroy the US dollar. Why? Simple, would you trade your physical gold for fiat make believe monopoly money called USD? No, of course not. Trade imaginary USD for real world gold backed money, how about no way stupid! That means to try to sweet talk someone into trading in dollars against Russian money backed goods you will have to offer them a fortune just to get them to accept a dollar because the USD is almost worthless! The United States is a Russians mercy, and the way America ben attacking Russian billionaire boats, i would wreck your whole country economy just to teach you a Leason, don't fuk with me!

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