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Attorney Alerts XRP Community of orchestrated POWERPLAY by Gensler & Sen Warren to outflank the CFTC

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Hi Eri how are you doing?
    Thanks for the great videos.
    That's very generous of you to be a kind and helping presence to bit boy.

    I was somewhat appalled to realize that bit boy's knowledge is that limited when he is one of the leaders in the crypto space, theoretically.

    This tells me that the average xrp investor has way more knowledge than bit boy.

    To be that naive to the cryptos that are around you, speaks to his level and he needs to make it go up, or become a dinosaur in my opinion.

  2. US$ Dollar is the worlds stable coin, and FED is flooding the market with US$. US$ is a security.
    I have played with XRP, ETH, BTC and others. If Bitboy had done the same, he know that BTC some time takes hours to transact and XRP seconds.
    Sometimes facts is in your face, but some people don´t see it, or understand it.

  3. I think Elizabeth Warren has shown us exactly where Gensler has been the months since he was named SEC chair. Congress will be able to overrule/dictate the Ripple court case… which explains the stall tactics.
    It's about maintaining power and control for the incumbents, and they'll call it "protection for investors" the whole time.
    Having said that, regulatory clarity is needed. My fear is that the SEC's solution is to insert middlemen into all peer to peer transactions, and all purchases/sales… essentially nullifying the biggest benefits of crypto to the retail investors, and increasing control and power for the incumbents.
    With proven self interest / conflicts of interest we see with Hinman, Clayton, Pelosi's husband… and many more… more power and control to these self serving people is to the detriment of society at large. But it will all be passed in the name of protecting us, while in fact it's them being protected and ensuring new projects are offered to "accredited investors" first, then be able to be sold to retail after the biggest % gains on offer are gone. The same way Wall Street operates now… a rigged system where retail are the suckers.

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