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Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News


  1. Each time you pronounce licked'n'stein my ears start bleeding as fuck. Quick tip on how to pronounce Liechtenstein, you take the "lish" from bullish and replace the "liech". Please have a try Lishtenstein 😅👍🏽

  2. "SEE YA THERE" very catchy…….We Should hold a huge gathering every 3-5 yrs, and hold them in different wonderful places along our ripple digital asset journey bud…….The first, of course to be held in Liechtenstein…!
    I would pitch in a few $$$$ on a throw down like that, rent the country huh…..lololool…..let get it!!!

  3. Can we all rent out Liechtenstein for a week, i want the princes castle for the weekend lol. It will be called the greatest xrp party weekend of all time Bar none. LOL

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