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BANK uses XRP🚀12 Unique Ways, Ripplenet ODL & Africa💥Flare FLR Launch Perfect Timing, NFT🔴NYC Event

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Eri cionbase rewards is a scam they own me $262. Dollar and they don't payout. Can you find out some you my sister.

  2. Dandan men @ hashigo, ginza has been my favorite since i was working at one of those department store back in 80s before i moved to nyc in 2000. Chisui Dandan, syumai,n rice was my must have item. And their free pickles at the table is fabulous. 😆

  3. And….words and what they REALLY MEAN is now relevant to XRP peeps, too? This is an amazing development. Has a press release been issued?

    If I didn’t know better I’d think I was witnessing a near virtual u-turn…a time traveling memory scrubbing ride through the regular verse, no meta needed. Speaking of Meta…everyone clear yet on the pure fact that Facebook is and always has been entirely predatory and directly harming us, our children, our democracy and our country. Zuckerberg and all like him – Musk, Thiel, Lubin, Buterin, Trump, Epstein, Congressional Traitors and Congressional Bitcoin & ETH apologists, cover-up designers, funders and creators, recruiters, managers, programmers, misinformation dissemination via “influencers” via social media.

    Fraud in a box. A little fraud kit for social media criminals.

    Just wonderful…. The intellectual dishonesty that is and that surrounds all things crypto is puke inducing. Every debate, both sides, zero intellectual honesty. ONLY QUESTION IS WHETHER ITS JUST PLAIN IGNORANCE OR IF ITS FRAUD. THERE’S NO IN BETWEEN.

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