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BearableGuy123 Christmas Puzzle

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We have a new Puzzle from BearableGuy123

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  1. Sam, correct me if I’m wrong, but way back when the castle pc was first shown with the bear pointing to his 10th (longer) tooth which we took for a down size in fortune, well I notice his lower 6th tooth is longer in his lower jaw, is this also another clue for upward turn 6 months from now?
    The cloak of the angel, could that be the symbol for tether?

  2. I hope xrp isn’t a lame duck. I own over fourth thousand shares. I got rid of my apartment and sleep in my suv at work so i can invest as much as possible.

    No I’m not joking.

  3. All 589 meant was that crypto was going to be listed as a commodity. 589 has already happened!!!!! Get over it. Let’s get to 5 dollars so i can buy a new home cash money

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