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BearableGuy123 Returns | Xrp Moon Game Plan (Chicken Boat)

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Daily XRP News


  1. Good job Mate 😎 Weird…Switzerland, Cayman Islands, Belgium, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, Belize, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, St. Lucia Caribbean, Monaco, Malta, Indonesia have all cleared the legal path for Cyrpto's but USA has not…What The Fvk is that about???

  2. BroOo!!!! Let’s team up!!! Joshie Bear & jOjO!!!! I’m straight up 🐬 whisperer! Check my stats!!!!! Tendies & frickin’ lasers!!!! Best thing EVERRRR!!!! Just a thought… think about it homie! 😋

  3. I’m in on the boat life, I will need my own tho, i like my space, and I’m going to have some animals, So yeah , we could continue the community thing , have a small fleet.

  4. BG123 return is a bait to get more XRP buyers…If the buyers not that high, Ripple Riddle will return as well to get more XRP buyers. XRP marketing strategy/conspiracy.

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