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I break down big picture of BearableGuy’s latest clue, while bringing in previous clues to give you the big picture he wants us to see. This is a must watch for BG123 fans.

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  1. Yes I believe something big is coming that hasn’t been discussed by most. Don’t mean to beat my own drum- but there is something that has been staring us all in the face. This is the Ripple WH connection through Jared K. IMO they are positioning XRP as an asset to be used by the US Govt. 😱
    Now I’m not talking abt GRC or IMF eSDRs, they’ve been talked abt ad infinitum by many on YT.
    What I’m referring to is this:
    We are going to a gold standard currency when the reset occurs. This is being driven by the big 3; China Russia and US. Approx 209 countries will be on the gold standard, even if they don’t have the ‘above ground’ gold on hand. A calculation/ valuation will be made based on each countries ‘in ground reserves’ to set the currency ratios. This new currency system will be managed by the QFS.
    Now one huge disadvantage ( for some currencies) under a fixed currency frame work ( currency ratios to gold) is that for bilateral trade, if you are a net importer, you will have a trade account deficit.( such as what US has with China)
    Now under the old ‘petro dollar’ system, countries could balance out payments using currency exchange rates ( inflate/deflate as required) under the gold backed system this mechanism is no longer available. In the US example, the US will be required to pay China in gold to settle trade accounts. Now if you follow what Jim Willie ( @jackass) has been saying, and I think he’s got a point, is that gold stock hasn’t been audited for a long time and maybe some of it is already known to be missing🤔 ( research Fort Nox missing gold + 911 Gold heist) . Maybe they have enough to back the currency with but probably not enough to balance trade account deficits with, for very long…..🤔
    What to do?
    What if there was another asset available that was valuable with the required liquidity, fungible and easy to transact with??
    Bingo! I’m proposing that the US govt is going to be using XRP to pay off debt and balance bilateral trade accounts.
    Now some are thinking/ saying yeah the IMF is going to be issuing eSDRs ( eSDR=XRP+SDR) and everyone going to be using it, and the IMF are going to hold XRP and issue as GRC…blah blah blah…..
    Well here’s the thing, the IMF is a centralised Command and Control structure put in place ( along with WB) under Bretton Woods to maintain the USD ( Petro dollar) as GRC.
    The big 3 ( and others ) we’ll call the ‘Alliance’ having been working to rid themselves of the Central Bank System and the Old Guard Command and Control structures along with the Petro Dollar, as this system enriched and empowered the elite, and kept everyone else in debtor servitude.
    IMO, the last thing the big 3 ( Trump, Xi and Putin) are going to do now is hand over monetary policy and control to the IMF, a bunch of unelected Globalist Bureaucrats! If you have been paying attention we are moving in the OPP direction. Now some elements of the old structure they will prob keep if it serves a purpose, but it will be under different ‘management’ shall we say. These are my thoughts, I may not have it all correct – or even any of it? comment or add as you see fit, but keep it respectful- it’s not a contest to be right!😁

  2. 111 is an anagram for mg. A mg is a milligram which is 1/1000th of 1 gram and 111 is an anagram of 1/1000th if 1 gram. Just a guess but it leads to further questions. Is this a new cipher for a past clue. What one? maybe a reference to drops or milliliters just a guess. i know BG123 said "one drop will become a Monsoon" or Mon-Soon which some believed to refer to a drop of XRP will equal a Japanese mon soon.

  3. "as he is want to do…" in other words.. "as his manner is..".. "as he usually does…"

    Thx for update Sam.. Its all about patience.. And accumulation.. I started in June 2018.. And continue to this day.. XRP is cheap everyone..
    The entire financial system will remain controlled by the power mongers.. There will eventually be no privacy coins.. They cannot allow them.. Control and dominance is their endgame.. Taxation and their coffers is in their interests.. Privavcy coins will only have a short brief moment.. Enjoy it.. But XRP is here to stay..

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