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"Best week of signed contracts at Ripple EVER" – Brad Garlinghouse, Retro look at XRP logo,

Daily XRP News

Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, tries to decipher all the noise surrounded around cryptocurrency and its future potential at the Fortune Finance 2019 NY 2019.

Ananya Chadha

Tokyo Olympics

Hodor’s Blog and the XRP Logo

iaido martial arts

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Daily XRP News
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  1. First Apple sues over a rectangle, and now someone is suing over a tilda! ahhahahahahahahahhahaha Shakespeare was justified when he said, "Kill all Lawyers.. Now!"

  2. I remember the day Poloniex removed the troll box. It was a real sinking feeling. I counted on some of the info. Glad to see it back, although I have a new family on YouTube a won't use it as much.

  3. Very much enjoy your comments and updates! With all these positive wins… what do you think is needed for XRP to take off on its own merits?

  4. I think XRP will Stay low for a Couple of Years! That means I can buy more!
    I don't think Ripple cares about the price of XRP.
    They don't make money from XRP and neither do we.

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