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BG123 Kotak Mahindra India remittances $79. India Ripple World Bank.Bitrue and Ripple’s XRP Tipbot

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

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Bitrue and Ripple’s XRP Tipbot join forces

$10,000 Ripple XRP End Game ? BG 123 CKJ = CHINA KOREA JAPAN Trump BG BG123 YES YES BANK

Gates Foundation to implement @ripple and @coil #Interledger Protocol. GSMA 75 Chip YoUtUBE cHANNEL

Keep Your Crypto Safe Get a ledger

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Google voice! Yes the phone is listening. You can speak to the phones and tell it to call people and ask Google to find stuff. We've been doing this for years. A.I. is so much more advanced now. Just because you don't ask Google don't mean their not listening. You gave them permission and they definitely using it.

  2. I don't trust nothing what BG is saying, uh we would off go the moon right i'm still on earth all this reading sites news don't help shit. All of a sudden Facebook came with a F coin named libra all of a sudden.. Trump comes and open is mouth.. And what now we bloody now BG wants to come?

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